Halloween 2007 – The Beginning

Halloween 2007 was the first year I actually tried to go all out and decorate my parents yard for such a wonderfully wicked event. Unfortunately I made this decision, oh like a week before Halloween. So with no time and even less money, I did what I could.

It was definitely a learning experience. I had a lot of ambitions of what I wanted to do. Such as an automated coffin then opened to be a candy dispenser for the T.O.T’s (trick or treaters). Well as you will see in the following photos, that didn’t happen. I also wanted to make a grapevine scarecrow, well that didn’t happen either, mostly because you need to cut the vines in the spring when they are still soft and able to be formed. So I created some weird skeletal monster thingy. It worked.

My favorite all time Movie Monster is Jason Voorhees, so I took advantage of this and finally made the costume, I fit the size, my build may be off a little but it worked out. Even made one girl cry. As you can see I would sit next to the candy table and would not move until they got right up close, or until they walked away. One parent told me they still thought I was a machine even after I stood up. I had a lot of fun doing it, and I know the limits, most times I ended up taking of the mask to show the t.o.ts that I was just a regular guy. Unfortunately my fog machine wouldn’t work right, hopefully I can figure that out for next year.


Before dark 2007

Before dark 2007



One question I get asked is about the skull-birdbath. Well it’s a bowling ball, which I have yet to get drilled, don’t know if I will, it’s a great prop. Typically my parents get no more then 5 tot’s. So they don’t buy a lot of candy, well this year we did almost 20 kids, so we had to combine ours with my grandma’s who lives next store. I know for most places 20 is not a lot, but for many yrs we only got one, and that kid loved it cause we gave him all our candy. I had a lot of fun doing it, I will definitely do it again next year, though once I some day get my own house I will be moving on, but for now my parents will enjoy it. It’s fun.


Here is a link to the photos from 2007 Halloween Night. Enjoy.

2007 Halloween Photos

One Response to “Halloween 2007 – The Beginning”

  1. Very impressed with the detail you have for each and every project that you build for your Halloween night thriller…Looks like alot of work but I am sure the neighbor kids loved it!!!! Congrats on a job well done! Judy

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