Halloween 2008 – Morumen Cemetery

Halloween 2008 is on its way. Though it will take years for my haunt to get anywhere’s near where I want it to be, this is a good start. Last yr was last minute, and not that much. This year I hope to bring it to a whole new level. Really my goal some day is to have a haunted hayride and house, but for now, I’ll stick to the front yard.

This year’s haunt brings us to the Morumen Cemetery (say it while placing spaces after each syllable). I’m excited. It’s still going to be simple, doing a graveyard, duh. We will have an entryway with a custom sign, a pallet fence (I will post photos when I make them); I want to have a body bag candy dispenser and a glowing casket, which is already almost done. Add some music and fog and we’re just about there. Also there will be the grave keeper who will be making his rounds on Halloween night. We may even get a visit from Jason Voorhees again this year, but that is not confirmed.  

I am very excited for this yr, I really hope it comes out well; everyone is involved from my family. My girlfriend and I even spent a romantic day building a coffin, which by no fault of my own happens to fit her to the inch. Soon we plan on having a gravestone party so we can get those made. I will update the site as often as I can with the progress that is being made.


-Empty W


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