Concepts and Sketches

I am a visual person, I like to see things, that way I can have a little more faith in myself and the project at hand. Though it’s too early in the season to know if I pass or fail, can I make this happen, I am hopeful and positive. So for this years I drew out first a light sketch then did some work in illustrator to show my plans, or prop ideas. Also I’ll link to the sites that I got my ideas from.



Graveyard Sign Concept (Illustrator)

Graveyard Sign Concept (Illustrator)


Here is the concept for the Graveyard sign, originally I was going to do a column design, but with finances not being awesome, and time always an issue, I made changes. This was mostly because we found a pallet driven fence design, which since I found all these places who are will to give away pallets, cost next to nothing and has a really nice look. I will put up photos of the sign and fence progress as I get them.

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