Haunted House idea…

Now I get ideas all the time about a haunted house or hay-ride, so I decided I will share this one with you. Though I can’t even come close to taking credit for it, for the original idea is not mine, as a concept at least. The wonderful horror movies of the 70s specifically should be thanked for this idea.


Now a couple things have to come available for this to be properly done. First you need an old farm house, with maybe a barn or so, and some nice woods surrounding the house. This is total Texas Chainsaw Massacre house we are talking about. So this is a mixed haunted house/hay-ride concept, except for you walk through instead of riding on a wagon. You start at the end of the driveway where everything is police taped off, and if you can get a hold of them, some police cars with the lights on, also putting your security/staff in police uniform adds to the affect. 

The guide will also be in uniform, he tells the patrons that a group of teenagers came up missing in the area and their car was found at this residence. You tell them you need their help doing a canvas search of the house and surrounding area. You start down the driveway and there is a news team on the side, you stop and listen to the report, and that gives the patrons the whole back story; ie: family abducted the group of teens etc. You then move on down the driveway and come across the missing kids car, glass broken, blood around it and so forth.

You then come up to the porch where a family member is yelling at you for being on their property and the “police officer” shows a warrant and states you will be starting in the barn or surround woods. You bring them through these areas that have scares from the “family.” Your investigation leads to the house where as soon as you get in the “officer” is taken by someone and you have to move through the house on your own, and then you work your way back out.

Typical haunted house stuff going on, its just the set up and delivery that make it unique and interesting.

Just a thought.

-Empty W

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